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Nice Rally, But Watch Out for The Resistance Level

Today I'll keep it short and sweet. Short-term: Days to weeks Intermediate-term: Weeks to months Long-term: Months to years There is short-term resistance slightly above where the S&P 500 is currently trading. It's likely, at the very least, that we…

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Rules 9 & 10 of My "10 Favorite Trading Rules"

Rule #9: Buy strength, sell weakness Relative strength studies are the key to identifying successful trades before the majority of the trend has happened.  They are the key to signaling when to cut your losses or to keeping you in…

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Critical "Buy" Point - JFK Got it Wrong

Accurately calling market bottoms or tops is a great skill to have, but it's much less important than knowing what to trade and how to trade it.   You can buy crap at a market low and watch the general stock…

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