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Biotech Gets Slammed - Game Over?

What ever will we do? Biotech got creamed yesterday! The NASDAQ Biotech Index (Symbol: $NDX) was down 4.14%.   That means it’s "only" up 12.39% for the year (while the S&P 500 was up only 0.1% as of yesterday’s close).  Um....…

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3 Advancing Soldiers Imply Future Market Strength

I hope you’ve been enjoying the results from following the “True Market”.    I haven’t even spent a dime in marketing this weekly publication so you're part of a small and exclusive group. I don't want to reenforce the expensive "crowd…

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Yesterday's Market Buy Signal

** Note that my RSI buy signal is based on my specific RSI settings.  I did use the default settings for most charting services (14, 70, 30) but I'm using an "exponential RSI" which is more sensitive to the more…

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"Don't Bore Me With Technicals"

“Don’t bore me with technicals!” That’s what I heard as I was getting dressed this morning while listening to CNBC in the background. Yes… I confess… I watch the networks while I get ready for work.  But I have an…

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