WATCH: The 4 Stage Stock Market Cycle


Stock Market Breakout!

For the last two weeks the stock market has been gunning higher.   But if you believe the Dow Jones Industrials or the S&P 500 is actually "the stock market" [maniacal laughter], then you're probably "waiting to see if we get…

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Three Bullish Market Signals

Today I'll explain why we have positioned our clients to profit from bullish positions in certain sectors. We are still bullish on the sectors I recently wrote about in previous posts. In addition to those, we have taken an interest…

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Consolidation Before a Breakout... Or Breakdown?

Take a look at what the stock market did over the last two days with respect to the narrowing triangle I drew. Yesterday, the stock market dipped below the lower triangle line (which slopes upward), intraday.  It's that part that…

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