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What Will The Stock Market Do Next?

  Okay so the stock market just rallied like a mother scrubber.  Now what? Is it too high to buy? Should we wait for a pullback? Is the rally even real? Should we go bearish? These are all questions that…

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Additional QMO Content 10.17.14

Permabulls Vs Fear Mongers It’s exciting, interesting and fascinating to listen to and occasionally participate in debate about whether the long-term bull market will continue for more years, or if interest rates will go up or down.   It’s fun. But…

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Additional QMO Content

After the original Quarterly  Market Outlook Post, I added some more (below0.  I will add even more Friday Morning.    The U.S. dollar and the euro have changed the game Sounds like a bold statement.  But here's to a bold…

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Quarterly Market Outlook - October

Below is the last quarterly market outlook we published. We haven't published a quarterly market outlook since October 15, 2014, because we want to be fair to members of our Private Client Group (those whose investment capital we manage). But…

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What's Coming at RWM

There will be a wealth of educational articles and videos posted on this website.  I hope they will help as stand alone lessons but the main reason for my creating them will be for further explanation on a topic I'm…

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