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2 Ways to Hedge 11th Hour Volatility

Here’s a pop quiz: Do you know what’s been the most fearful time for investors over the past year? It wasn’t the Fed’s policy meeting in June where the committee first hinted at tapering their QE bond purchases... It wasn’t…

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Technical Tuesday: 0-Minute Abs

The headline, alone, is intriguing.  "8-minute abs" was a very effective headline used to market an exercise video.  I mean, what a hook.  How could you not look.  The movie "Something About Mary" mocked that product in a scene where…

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Did the Fed Just Put Gold Back on Track?

The market seldom gets caught off guard.   But yesterday sure felt like a surprise party on Wall Street, and the guest of honor was genuinely surprised! You see, practically everyone was expecting the Federal Reserve to announce that they…

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Technical Tuesday: Tale of 2 Coiled Springs

The market is strong and the market is weak -- what the heck should you do? I'll tell you why I'm saying this, and explain the title of the article, in a sec.  But first... One easy answer is:  Lighten…

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Is Gold Carving a Path to $1,500?

It’s time to revisit the gold story, because the precious metal's price action continues to carve a compelling path. You see, I’ve been following gold and gold stocks very intently. I have subscribers in my options newsletter service, Profit Skimmer,…

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2 Things You Must Watch This Month

August was a tough month for the bulls.  And even though the S&P 500 suffered its worst monthly loss since May of 2012, the 3.1% decline in the index otherwise felt more like a slow leak than anything else.  Having…

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