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This "Two Numbers" Trick Gives You A Trading Edge

Momentum stocks seem to captivate investors. For some, the valuations and volatility are just way too extreme for their investment goals.  But for the active trader and the above-average risk taker, these high fliers can return massive gains. So what exactly…

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Here's My Take on the Latest Fed Statement

Aside from many companies reporting quarterly earnings this week, the main attraction is the Fed Chairman’s two-day visit to Capitol Hill for his semi-annual testimony on monetary policy. Yesterday, Chairman Bernanke took questions from the House Financial Services Committee.  Today,…

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These Two Stocks Should Lead the Market's Next Move

Have the markets finally gone taper deaf? After nearly six weeks of nagging chatter on the prospect that the Federal Reserve may soon begin pulling back the reins on their monthly QE asset purchase program, have we finally come to…

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