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Are You About to See What a Bank Run Looks Like?

I'm on holiday this week, but things are getting interesting over in Europe, so I have a few quick thoughts... All the banks in Cyprus have been closed for the past twelve days. Today they reopen. And they weren’t closed…

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Is the Rally at Risk? Here's What to Watch...

Well it looks like Cyprus has become the latest scare du jour.  After this past weekend’s ill-conceived plan to force bank depositors to shoulder a hefty portion of the country’s much needed bailout, markets were caught off guard, sending stocks…

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Is It Time to Rethink the US Dollar?

As the stock market rally continues its march to new highs, we’ve been talking a good bit lately about treasury yields and the US Dollar index. I initially brought up the subject a month ago in our February 14, 2013…

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Main Street Hits All-Time High! Now What?

For many battered retail investors, it’s been a painful slog.  But on Tuesday, that long awaited moment of redemption finally became a reality as the Dow Jones Industrial Average vaulted to a new all-time closing high of 14,253.77. After nearly…

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Technical Tuesday: Every Time This Happens - We Decline

Here's what we've been doing in my hard core 6-month educational trade alert program, "Boot Camp Trader"... We took some bearish positions that literally dropped immediately after we entered into them.  I'm talking the very next day they dropped hard. …

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