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3 Simple Keys to Confident Trading

Editor's Note:  Costas is out for the Holiday week.  We hope you enjoy the below piece from our Tycoon Report archives...   Since joining IFII as a financial educator and trading mentor, I get asked all sorts of questions.  From the newbie…

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Has China's Growth Cycle Finally Bottomed?

Countering the damage from the great credit crisis of 2008, China unleashed a massive stimulus program to combat the global recession, using similar measures to the U.S.. And it didn’t take very long for the recovery to kick in.  After…

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The Fed Steps on the Gas -- Here Are 3 Big Takeaways

I wonder what the Fed would have done yesterday if Mitt Romney were to have won last month’s presidential election. But there’s no use crying over spilled milk, because the reality is that President Obama is getting four more years…

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Can the Market Sustain a Santa Claus Rally?

Trimming a fresh cut Christmas tree, stringing twinkling lights around the house, and simply seeing the excitement grow on my little boy's face makes this one of the best times of the year for me. And it’s usually a good…

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Technical Tuesday: Short-Term Overbought

Every Tuesday (the day I write for The Tycoon Report), before the article, I will list one or two "test your knowledge" technical analysis questions and after the article I'll list the answers.  I hope you find this fun and…

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