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The End Game to a Powerful Strategy Revealed

Today we’re going to forget about the riots in Spain.  There won’t be any mention of the massive general strike that shut Greece’s economy down yesterday.  We’re not even going to discuss the market ramifications of the Fed’s QE-Unlimited program.…

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Technical Tuesday - Beware: Market is Near a TOP

On many Tuesdays (the day I write for The Tycoon Report), before the article, I will list one or two "test your knowledge" technical analysis questions and after the article I'll list the answers.  I hope you find this fun…

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What Did the Fed Just Do?

If you’re trying to figure out where the stock market is headed over the coming months, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke gave you a huge clue last week. Forget about the sluggish economic growth.  Don’t worry that Europe’s in a…

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Here are 2 Ways You Can Trade the US Dollar

Earlier this week, Chris Rowe shared his excellent analysis on the recent stock market rally to multi-year highs -- in particular, how it’s been affected by the move in the US dollar and the anticipation for further monetary easing signaled…

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Technical Tuesday - Look Out... Above

Technical Analysis Question of the Week: When you spot the pattern shown below in an uptrend, what is it called? ****** Last Tuesday the theme was "wait and see -- don't force it."  This week, it's showtime.  The S&P 500 decided…

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Breaking Down the Gold Break Out

Well it didn’t take very long to get our answer.  And for my Profit Skimmer subscribers, it didn’t take very long to book a 90% return on a winning trade either. If you recall, three weeks ago I wrote an…

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Technical Tuesday - Short-Term Traders, Stay in Cash

Yaaawn.  That's all.  Just yawn.  See ya next Tuesday...  Okay, I'll write it but I won't force it.  And that's how you should think about the financial markets right now.  This is the quiet before a storm.  Who knows what…

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