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Is the Market About to Make a Major Shift?

The past four weeks have been an absolute snoozer for the stock market.  After the broad indices had finally retraced most of their losses from the springtime highs, they’ve virtually flat lined for nearly a month. Trading volume has slowed…

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It's Time to Pay Close Attention to This Index

Broad markets finally did it.  On Tuesday, major US indices eclipsed the springtime highs and ventured into fresh multi-year high territory.  Although a new closing high was denied as the brief intraday gain materialized into a modest session loss, markets…

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Technical Wednesday - Bearish Reversal Time

Blunt enough for you? Your bullish profits -- if you're a short-term trader -- are in jeopardy!  If you're a long-term investor, you'd either want to stay the course and be willing to ride out a short-term correction, or sell…

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Three Simple Keys to Trading with Confidence

Editor's Note:  The following article from 2011 is being re-published as a critical reminder for seasoned Tycoons and as an important foundation for new readers.  Enjoy!     Since joining TycoonU as a financial educator and trading mentor, I get…

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Is Gold About to Break Out?

The next four weeks of market action should prove very interesting.  I'm especially interested to see what happens to the price of hard assets, in particular where gold may be headed from here. You see, ever since gold prices bottomed…

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Is the Market Setting up for a Big Collapse?

As the broad markets are slowly inching their way to the cyclical and multi-year highs made this spring, are you beginning to get suspicious that the next shoe is about to drop and we’re in for a hefty sell off?…

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Does This Indicator Point to New Market Highs?

Do you have a bearish outlook for stocks?  Are you pessimistic for the future prospects of the economy? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then you’re not alone.  That seems to be the overwhelming majority view as…

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