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The Best Way to Play Gold Right Now

Gold is having an identity crisis of late.  Some days it behaves like the safe haven asset and hedge against fiat money dilution we're used to.  Other days, it’s behaving more like a risk asset, moving in conjunction with the…

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Technical Tuesday - How to Play a Fakeout

After spending well over $2,000 on trading education instead of a vacation, a needed car part, or savings for her children, the most beautiful woman from her skin to her soul waits patiently for that "buy signal" she spent months…

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Three Simple Keys to Confident Trading

Since joining IFII as a financial educator and trading mentor, I get asked all sorts of questions.  From the newbie investor just beginning their journey, to the seasoned hard core trader with years of experience who is very active in…

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Is the Private Sector "Doing Fine"?

Quick Note from Chris Rowe:  On Tuesday, I told you that I would let you know on the following day's (Wednesday's) Morning GPS whether or not the Investors Intelligence Advisors Sentiment indicator moved to a Buy signal.  It DID move to a…

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Excessive Bearishness - Here's How to Play It

I took a poll in one of my recent webinars asking how many people use sentiment indicators, and more than half said they did NOT!! Words can’t describe how surprised I was, as these are some of the most important…

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Will This Correction Turn Into a Bear Market?

After the broad markets topped out in early April and began to roll over, the pullback was initially perceived as a healthy “dip” and a perfectly normal occurrence that tends to happen in a typical bull market rally. But the…

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