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How to Profit From the Worst IPO in History

Have you been tempted to partake in all the action and frenzy trading shares of Facebook (ticker: FB)?  Or, have you been avoiding this stock like the plague after its initial public offering debacle on May 18? In the eight…

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The Greatest Threat to Markets Since Lehman Brothers

When Japan suffered a devastating natural disaster in March of last year, it wasn’t the powerful 9.0 magnitude earthquake just off the coast that was responsible for the carnage -- it was the massive tsunami wave created by that large…

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One Simple Secret for Turning Losers into Winners

Last Thursday after the market closed, JPMorgan Chase (ticker: JPM) held an emergency conference call with its investors to deliver a shocking revelation. Jamie Dimon, the CEO of the Whale on Wall Street money-center bank, which is known for its…

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Here's a Savvy Way to Buy the Dip

Have you missed out buying quality stocks during this year’s rally?  Well, you’re not alone.  I’ve certainly missed my fair share of opportunities to add to my investment portfolio... only to see them get away from me and trade much…

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Should You "Sell in May and Go Away"?

Have you dumped all your stocks yet?  After all, ‘tis the season to be selling.  Right? If you happen to own a copy of The Stock Trader’s Almanac, or perhaps you’re simply keen to the seasonality effect, then you should…

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