URGENT: Critical Warning to ALL American Stock Investors “Do this by November 2nd”


Here's What Oil is Saying About the Economy

Editor's Note:  Teeka is out today and will return next week.  In place of his article, please enjoy the following, brand new, "Technical Wednesday" contribution from Chris Rowe.   BEFORE I GET STARTED: Sometime between noon and 2pm today we will…

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Fed Giving You the Green Light to Buy Stocks

Whether you agree with the Fed’s ultra loose monetary policy or not, the reality is that it’s not going to be changing anytime soon. Yesterday’s FOMC policy statement, updated forecasts for the economy, and Chairman Bernanke’s midday press conference pretty…

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Technical Tuesday - It's Time to Turn Off the Financial News

One very common misperception is thinking that markets are moving because of how individual investors are trading. It’s simply not true. Studies show that 60% of trading volume is automated -- based on algorithms. These algorithms trade on many of…

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Here's 1 Dirty Stock You Could Clean Up With

It’s been the perfect storm for the coal industry and, as a result, the market has been punishing coal stocks without mercy. The coal bulls have been getting burned for nearly a year now, and many have all but thrown…

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Technical Tuesday - Is Apple Ripe for the Pickin'?

I say no.  Is that blunt enough? Going out on a limb?  (I'll spare you the Apple tree pun.) Hardly. I'll tell you when you SHOULD buy Apple.  Certainly no higher than $536.00.  In fact, it can go lower.  Here's…

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The Closest Thing to a Crystal Ball for Your Stocks

If you can simply add two numbers together, then you have what it takes to learn one of the most powerful techniques used by the savviest traders on Wall Street. And it can be applied to most of the widely…

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Technical Tuesday - Time to Buy Treasuries Again?

It seems that Treasuries are back on the table again -- but with much less supply.  It's quite possible that it's time to go long Treasuries for an intermediate-term trade.   Do you think the stock market is overbought and…

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Is the Mother of All Trend Lines About to be Broken?

How much more gas is in the tank for the bulls?  Yes, the markets are overextended, causing many investors to ask themselves, “Where’s the Pullback?”  And it could be that we’re in the midst of one right now.  But don’t…

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Technical Tuesday - Can Apple Go To 1,000?

Once again, Apple Inc. (Symbol: AAPL) is pushing higher, even though the stock market is down.  How could you NOT buy a stock like that?   From $627 to $1,000 is a 60% return, and that makes my mouth water.   The question…

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