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One ETF You Never Want to Buy

Recently we got an ugly glimpse of the destructive capabilities that one type of ETF can unleash upon its victims.  This nightmare ETF has mostly ensnared and damaged individual investors like you and me. Let me explain... Investors have become…

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Now More Than Ever, It's a Stock Picker's Market

In my fourteen plus years actively trading the markets, the single most important lesson I've learned is that you must be willing to adapt to change. After all, the market landscape continually evolves...  Sometimes it sticks out like a sore…

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Technical Tuesday - Little Trouble in Big China?

Dear Educated Investor, A master investor -- one of the greatest in the world (who started out selling sweaters in my neighborhood "flea market" when I was a kid, but traded his net worth into the hundreds of millions) --…

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Higher Volatility Coming Sooner Than You Think

The stock market rally has been quite resilient... virtually a one-way, low volume ticket to higher prices.  Not surprisingly, volatility has gotten absolutely smashed along the way. As measured by the widely followed CBOE volatility index commonly known as the…

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Technical Tuesday - Your 5-Hour Workweek

Today I'll let you in on a millionaire's secret -- and I'm 100% sure that most millionaires who read this will completely agree with this one. As you may know, I'm retiring comfortably at age 34.  Frankly, it's later in…

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3 Reasons Oil Will Be 'The Next Greece'

It may finally be time to slide back that jug of olive oil from the front burner. The financial markets have been held hostage by the Greek debt crisis for far too long.  But after many months of delay, and…

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Dow 13,000: Be Very Careful Here

Pop the champagne corks! If you haven’t noticed, or you've been completely shuttered from the mainstream media outlets, the widely followed Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) finally closed above 13,000.  After three previous failed attempts over the past week or…

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