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Did Warren Buffett Just Hand You a 20% Return?

~~~ Editor’s Note: As we revisit the Tycoon Report ‘best of’ in 2011, one of the best examples of great market analysis (and a great trading idea) is the piece that follows. Costas’ breakdown of a trading opportunity created by…

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Europe's Back Door Bailout is a Bullish Credit Event

Ever since Mario Draghi took over as the new European Central Bank President, one thing has become clear: He is more like Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke than his ECB predecessor, Jean Claude Trichet. The new sheriff of the euro has plenty…

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Technical Tuesday - Don't Trust the Santa Claus Rally

** Update on Google Put:  Still bearish.  It should be sold if Google hits $660.00. ********************* ********************* Hanukkah begins today, and it appears as though "risk off" positions are being unwound heading into a light volume week.  Given that it's…

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Middle East Tensions Mean Oil Sands Profit

Iran has garnered a great deal of attention lately. Earlier this week, the Iranian military reportedly prepared practice drills to seal off the Strait of Hormuz--a vital shipping lane in the Persian Gulf. “Soon we will hold a military maneuver…

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Technical Tuesday - QE3

Google Put Option Update:  I'm still bearish on Google.  Great Risk:Reward Ratio! You can take a bearish position here on the general market. If the market advances, you can be stopped out of that position very quickly. We have formed…

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Did This Week Just Spark a Santa Claus Rally?

My, how things can change so fast. It’s now been exactly two weeks since I last wrote to you in The Tycoon Report, with an article entitled Is The Market Headed for a “Super “ Sell Off? And the markets…

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