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What The Oil Market Is Telling You Right Now

In my article last week -- Recession? These 2 Things Will Let You Know -- we focused on two key industrial commodities that can help us gauge whether the economy may be heading into another recession. After all, having a…

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Recession? These 2 Things Will Let You Know...

Are we headed for another recession?  For many families and households, it already feels like a downright depression.  Unemployment is stuck above 9%, with companies very reluctant to bring on permanent new hires...  Prices for everyday necessities like food and…

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Technical Tuesday - Special Edition

This article is mostly educational, but it leads up to a point about what the CURRENT market is telling us it wants to do. To gain a true understanding of what the current market is telling us, it will definitely pay…

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10% Return -- Can You Hear Me Now?!

In my Tycoon Report article from this past June 16th, Better Than 10% Yield… In This Environment?, I outlined a very powerful options strategy and shared a detailed actionable example. The strategy entailed the sale of ONE Put option contract…

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Now's the Time to Profit from the Slowdown

Before we get to it, be sure to welcome Jim Nelson today. If you are at all interested in MPLs, ADRs, utilities, consumer staples or tobacco I believe you'll enjoy following him. He's also an astute market observer and today…

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