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Two Keys to Retirement Bliss

It's becoming more and more evident that your retirement income will ultimately become your sole responsibility to fund.  And the longer it takes for you to realize that, the worse off your lifestyle will be in your golden years. The…

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A Golden Delicious Stock Replacement Play on AAPL

Apple Inc. (Sym: AAPL) continues to knock the cover off the ball. For the fiscal 3rd quarter (2nd quarter calendar), AAPL smashed earnings estimates for an unbelievable 30th consecutive quarter! Revenue topped a staggering $28.6 billion, yielding earnings of $7.79…

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When to Short the Fed With Gold

What do the United States, Eurozone, China, Japan, and the United Kingdom all have in common? Well for starters, they are the five largest economic entities and combined, make up roughly 70% of the world’s entire output. They also continue…

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Technical Tuesday - WARNING: Major Market Top

Every Tuesday (the day I write for The Tycoon Report), before the article, I will list one or two "test your knowledge" technical analysis questions and after the article I'll list the answers.  I hope you find this fun and…

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Market Predictions for 2011

As we closed the books on the first half of 2011, boosted by a swift surge in its final week, the market was able to post decent gains. The Dow finished the strongest with a 7.2% gain.  This was followed…

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