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How Investors Can Participate in the Global Commodity Rally

WHETHER YOU'RE AN ACTIVE TRADER OR A LONG TERM INVESTOR, COMMODITIES SHOULD BE FRONT AND CENTER ON YOUR RADAR. Active traders love hot markets with plenty of volatility and volume that generate frequent trading opportunities.  And the action in commodities…

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Warren Buffett: Forget Gold, Buy Stocks

If you think the dollar will decline further, it makes sense to buy commodities.  But even if there is a global recovery that's faster than we expect (isn't that often the case?), the fact is that many commodities will still…

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3 Risky Stocks to Avoid Now

In my article three weeks ago, Three Banks To Avoid Right Now, I outlined how the banking sector had been detracting from the bull market rally. I specifically identified Bank of America (Sym: BAC), Wells Fargo (Sym: WFC), and JP…

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Market May Have Peaked for Now: 3 Warning Signs

IS THE RALLY CLOSE TO FIZZLING OUT?  No doubt: The past six weeks have been quite impressive.  This rally resembles the one we saw earlier this year, from the lows in early February to the 2010 highs in late April. …

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The FOMC 2:00 pm Minutes About to Move Markets?

At 2:00 today, the FOMC minutes from a few weeks ago will be released, and investors will be focused intensely on language used, in order to get clues on exactly what the Fed decision might be on November 3, 2010…

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Here are Three Ways to Play Gold's Volatility

AS CENTRAL BANKS CONTINUE TO FAN THIS GLOBAL EQUITY AND COMMODITY RALLY, IT’S SENDING GOLD TO ALL TIME HIGHS. The latest salvo was fired by the Bank of Japan on Tuesday as they unleashed their own massive version of quantitative…

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