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Dollar Destroyed as World Currency?

THE DEBATE RAGES ON: WILL GOLD CONTINUE TO MOVE IN ON THE DOLLAR AS AN ALTERNATIVE RESERVE CURRENCY IN THE WORLD? For decades, the US Dollar has been king of the jungle as the world’s reserve currency, an edge that has…

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Will the Market Turn Bullish Today?

The market is getting hammered, but is this a reversal day?  At the time of this writing (11:30am EST) it looks like we just might end the day with a bullish reversal pattern (maybe a bullish hammer or a doji…

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3 Stocks that Could be Acquired Next

ALL THE HYPE RECENTLY IS ON THE FIGHT TO CORNER THE MARKET ON THE ULTIMATE RESOURCE THAT SUSTAINS HUMAN LIFE (OTHER THAN WATER OR COURSE) ... FOOD. The world’s population growth continues to accelerate, adding 57 million people annually.  Today,…

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Your Starting Point for Profitable Trading

Since the launch of Options GPS, I've received a lot of questions about BASIC technical analysis.  Right now, at "Profit Skimmer" there are hundreds of students learning a lot about how to profit when a stock is doing nothing, moving…

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Ben, What Happened to our Stimulus?

BEN, WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR STIMULUS? A BREAKDOWN OF THE FOMC POLICY MEETING ... The Federal Reserve on Tuesday released their most anticipated statements regarding monetary policy since late 2008, when the Fed Funds Rate was reduced to its current…

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6 Timeless Trading Tips

Editor's Note:  Due to the craziness surrounding today's Profit Skimmer launch, we're republishing this classic article from October 12, 2006. I won't comment today on the market and where it’s going next. Instead, today I will try to give you…

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How to Lose 100% AND Sleep Well at Night

Have you ever had a super high win rate for the year, only to finish the year with a net loss? After reading this article, you'll never be one of those people who allow that to happen. There's obviously been…

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China's in a Jam -- Don't Buy their Poker Face

For the time being, a glimpse of the "global Goldilocks" scenario is causing financial markets to rip higher.  Copper has been a huge winner, and as long as the latest China story holds, it should keep going.  But I'd caution…

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