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Behind the Scenes, Is NASDAQ Deteriorating?

     Editors Note: This article was originally published on June 28th 2007, three years ago this week. At the time the NASDAQ was at 2,600 and within months it sold off to 2,200 confirming Chris’ belief that in the short-term…

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A Great Short-Term Options Trade?

I'm writing you today to give you a little trick to making yourself money in the market -- STARTING NOW!  A little trick that, amazingly, investors (professional and individual) forget about, even though they know it's CRITICAL to profitable trading.…

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CRITICAL! Today's Playbook From Chris Rowe

What the heck happened yesterday? It looked like everything was rosy (for bulls).  If you look at where I highlighted in green, below, we were about to see a battle ram-like smash straight up through: 1.  The intermediate down trend…

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A Slick Look at BP's Dividend

As I continue to watch the video footage of the oil spewing from the broken riser pipe, dumping thousands of gallons of petroleum into the Gulf of Mexico daily, it pains me to see the severe environmental and economic damage…

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