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Here Are the Pockets of Bull Strength

I'm going to show you exactly which sectors to have your bullish money in, if you must be bullish.  But first let me say that we've all heard the old adage, "The trend is your friend".  That one rule is…

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How to Tell if an Option is Cheap or Expensive

Option prices are set by the natural pressure of supply and demand.  When deciding to take a position in an option, it will benefit you to know how expensive the option is on a relative scale: the volatility component of…

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Are You a Buyer of AAPL at 180?

As the European sovereign debt crisis begins to intensify, financial markets and most asset classes are being negatively affected. Risk appetite seems to be waning, and many of the “smart money” players are reducing exposure or unwinding altogether.  The volatile…

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How Far Can Gold Run and What to Do About It

Economics, when stripped down to its purest form, is simply the attempt to satisfy unlimited wants with limited resources.  The supply and demand for commodities and natural resources are front and center in our daily lives.  Gold has and always…

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What's Likely Coming, and How to Play It

The great bull market rally is in serious jeopardy.  From the March, 2009 lows in the wake of the credit crisis, the recovery has been stellar to say the least.  Economic indicators have shown positive gains, and first quarter earnings…

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Here's How To Profit When The Market Tanks

Do you believe that, at some point in the next few years, investors in the U.S will be more fearful than they are today? If so, I have a potentially huge money maker for you to add to your watch…

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