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Trade of the Day: "RIMM Around the Collar"

At the time of this writing, Wednesday’s trading session (March 31) is still in session and I am eagerly waiting for Research In Motion (Sym: RIMM) to release earnings after the close. Even though the report will have already been…

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Trade of the Day: A Bullish Play on Citigroup

Have you been contemplating taking a shot on Citigroup (Sym: C)?  Are you waiting for a pullback below $4.00 to get in?  What are the chances it may continue its surge and miss your entry point? Citigroup, the former money…

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Trade of the Day: Is it Time to Buy Insurance?

Note:  "Trade of the Day" will appear Tuesday through Friday, and will touch on recent actions in the markets, individual stocks and options.  But this isn't about me talking at you:  Please leave any questions, comments, or observations about the…

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Raise Your Game Part 1: Don't Go Broke!

A Note from Chris Rowe: Please join me today in welcoming the newest Tycoon Report expert, Costas Bocelli. Having been an options trading specialist and then a Senior Equity Options Market Maker on the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, Costas also shares…

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Rely on ONE Indicator and You'll Lose BIG TIME!

The most successful investors are the ones who can completely eliminate emotion from their actions.  They never look at the stock market as a gamble, but more like a business.  Therefore, they only take positions when they know that the…

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The S&P 500 Confirming its Up Trend Line

She keeps making one advance after another, and she's got legs that are sexy.  She's the S&P 500! When I say "legs" I'm talking about a possible confirmed intermediate up trend line that we may (or may not) have in place right…

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