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5 Trading Rules to Make You Millions

As the calendar year starts to draw to a close, a lot of portfolio managers are starting their annual tradition of "window-dressing" -- that is, ensuring that they are in the "right" stocks and funds before they present their performance…

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Another Market Head-Fake?

If you're like me and just about every trader/investor I know in the market right now, you've been looking at one "false market signal" after another, one "whipsaw" after another, and one "head fake" after another.  At the market's current…

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Institutions Dumping Stock! Markets Are Declining!

Hi folks, happy Tuesday!  Been feeling a little under the weather lately, but I'm back in the saddle and it's GREAT to be back.  So, let's dive headfirst into this week's article! As most already know, I typically keep my…

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