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How to Know What the Market Will Do Next

After the recent launch of Options GPS, I've received a lot of questions about BASIC technical analysis.  Right now, there are 1,000 GPS students learning a lot about how to profit when a stock is doing nothing, moving higher, or…

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It's Time to Put Your Profit System Into Place

No matter what your comfort level is, what your investing time horizon is, or whether you are a momentum trader or value investor, it's incredibly important to have some kind of system for choosing trading/investing opportunities. Not only is it…

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How to Bet on 2 Sectors' Strength

Yesterday was a huge day, technically.  Why? Thursday's and Friday's action brought the market back down to its major uptrend line (for the first time since mid-July).  Pullbacks to the uptrend line (green line) are healthy and are just an…

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