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How to Profit Like a Hedge Fund

Editor's Note:  Chris Rowe is in his final week of filming for his new options education course, Options GPS.  For today's issue, I selected one of my favorite articles Chris has written.  This article was originally published on June 10,…

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Special Market Commentary

Teeka Tiwari here, from Sector Hunter. Chris reached out to me this week and asked if I would put a special report together for his members about some upcoming shorting opportunities we’re seeing over at Sector Hunter. I must say…

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5 Ways to Capitalize on Options

Editor's Note:  Chris Rowe is in studio today filming for his new options education course, Options GPS.  In going through Chris's articles, I selected this one, which was originally published on September 13, 2007 under the title "No, Seriously -…

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Why Options Are the Fastest Route to Huge Profits

I get questions all the time from people who want to understand options better. Some of the questions are complex ... others have to do with our specific Trend Rider recommendations ... but many of them point to one thing:…

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