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Start 'Charting' Your Path to Profits

Since early March, demand has been in control of the stock market, and this trend is set to continue for the intermediate term (i.e., weeks to months).  To stay ahead of the market curve, I've been reducing bullish exposure lately,…

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The Media is Selling Anxiety, But We're Not Buying

I was riding in my car with my partner Dylan Jovine late on Friday night. (I guess we must have been coming home from choir practice, feeding the homeless, or saving the seals and whales in Florida. ... Are there…

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Here's What The Market Will Do Next

Two weeks ago, I wrote an article title "The New Market, New Support Levels, New Resistance Levels", and in the last couple of paragraphs, I talked about the "next potential resistance levels."  I figured I would give you a small…

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