URGENT: Critical Warning to ALL American Stock Investors “Do this by November 2nd”


Slicing Through 13-Year Lows! Here's What to Do ...

Head for the hills! ... because we're coming down hard on all you bulls! I hope at the very least you've been hedging your bullish positions -- if you read just about any of the articles I've written over the…

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Why Dow 3,931 is "Fair Value" Based on GAAP Earnings

Two weeks ago I wrote an article "Why Dow 6,586 is "Fair Value" (or very overvalued!)"  But that's only another 16% decline.  That can happen in a single day or week! Today I'm here to tell you that the market can,…

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Oh No! Did You Hear What the Economists are Saying?

Okay, okay, just calm down.  Take a deep breath.  This is a quick intervention for those addicted to the emotional roller coaster ride ...  a ride you only realized you were on after you got off and looked back with…

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Why Dow 6,586 is "Fair Value" (or very overvalued!)

The market will most likely break new lows and scare the daylights out of most of us once again.  Today I'll give you the short-term and long-term indications of why this is going to happen.  You can either buy some…

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