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How a Pro Avoids Crushing Losses

I just hung up the phone with Teeka Tiwari (I'm writing this Monday night at 8:45pm), because I wanted to ask his permission to share one of his Point and Profit trade alerts with you.  Reason being:  Teeka made a…

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Inauguration Marks Doomsday for the Stock Market

Happy inauguration day! Don't worry, this article is about how to make big profits in the stock market and avoid any further disastrous losses.  But first I must say that I'm so happy to see Obama being sworn in as…

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How to Lock In Today's Low Gas Prices

Happy Tuesday! As I see the price of crude oil dropping again, I'm also watching the prices as I pass every gas station, and do you know what goes on in my head? Since I'm a financial markets junkie, the…

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WARNING: Sober Up in '09 - Be Prepared For Decline!

This article might make you filthy rich, or depress you.  But you have GOT TO think about this like the smartest professional investors on earth do. The greatest investors and hedge fund managers are able to do what they do with little…

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Special Note on Chris' Videos

 Dear Tycoon, In March 2008, after the collapse of Bear Sterns, I realized that although the market had declined 15% from it's high, the bleeding had only just begun.  I knew the market was going to bring us a sea…

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