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How to make sure YOU don't own the next Bear Stearns

Let me tell you what's really going on in hedge fund land that you should definitely think about when stepping onto the battle field this quarter. Last Week, Lehman Brothers Holdings' (SYM: LEH) stock dropped 10% on a false rumor…

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There's Always a Bull Market Somewhere

Pessimism has been at a multi-year high. That typically means we are at or near a bottom (at least in the short-term). But I've been hearing from a lot of individual investors lately; they're saying that it's getting harder and…

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Here's How to Predict the Market's Next Move

My Tycoon Report article last Tuesday was titled "Bear Market Here We Come? Don't Fight the Tape". The funny part about that was as we fired that article out to your e-mail box, the Fed announced that it was "injecting…

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Bear Market Here We Come? Don't fight the tape!

The only way to trade successfully is to have the ability to evolve with the market.  The fact is, most individuals lose money in the long run because they are not willing to change their stance and take a loss.…

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High-Probability Stock Market Winners - Found Here

I have received many requests from readers begging for some guidance in this "confusing market". That's what I'll deliver today. But first, I'd like to acknowledge an error in last week's article.  I said, “I took 8 additional bearish positions…

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