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How to Profit From a Real Estate Meltdown

Today I'll give you one way to profit from the Real Estate Meltdown. Here's a topic that really hits home.  So much so, that you may even have felt turned off by the subject-line of the email.  But it's not…

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What to Buy if the Market Tanks... More

What to buy, what to buy.  Hmm.  Well, everyone's been yappin' about Citigroup (myself included) because now they're paying about 8%.  The company said they plan to keep the dividend, but many people are doubting that.  Okay, okay, okay -…

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Crude Oil Hits $100.00! 3 Ways To Profit From It!

Historic event alert! Yesterday, there was one single futures contract traded at $100.00 a barrel!  The trade preceding that one was 10 contracts traded at $99.50.  I guess the person who bought one single contract at a 50-cent premium just…

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