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Profit From The Crowd

In last Thursday's article, I revealed which month was, on average, the top performing month since 1991.  I also revealed the top three consecutive months.  Not one single reader could give the correct answer in the poll that I took…

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Profit From Seasonality

Okay, folks, you're not gonna believe it. In the poll that I took last week at the bottom of my "Profit From the Moving Averages" article, I asked the following: 1) What do you think the strongest month of the…

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Keep Profits 'On The Move' With Moving Averages

Last week, we discussed the importance of understanding the market’s trend, because the concept of trading with the trend is the main premise of technical analysis.  Specifically, it’s necessary when using a shorter-term trend to time your entry (or exit)…

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One Easy Way to Amplify Your Investing Returns

I'm so blown away by the fact that most people don't have a true understanding of the stock market's trend or condition. What's fascinating to me is that anyone can learn how to clarify the stock market by interpreting technical…

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Profit From Fun Education!

Unfortunately, I don't have much to say about the market here that hasn't been said a gazillion times. Sub-prime issues, Bear Stearns Hedge fund issues, China, currency, options are the best, blah blah blah. What we strive to do every…

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