URGENT: Critical Warning to ALL American Stock Investors “Do this by November 2nd”


Today's Dangerous Market Indicators

What's up, all!? First - Back on March 8th, in my article "These Simple Market Indicators Clarify this Market," the charts weren't accessible to some of you.  Well, since many of you mentioned that in your feedback, I fixed the…

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How to Reduce Risk While Staying Invested

The market just sold off on extremely heavy volume on February 27th.  Then a second leg down on heavy volume on March 13th, which continued lower on the 14th, and actually broke through support (created on February 27th), but closed…

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Picking The Bottom

I got more positive feedback than ever before on last Thursday's article ("These Simple Market Indicators Clarify this Market ".)  Now I'm getting even more kudos from people who acted based on my simple analysis of the probability of the…

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These Simple Market Indicators Clarify this Market

I'm going to hypnotize you today.  You are getting sleepy...  Your eyes are getting heavy...  I'm going to count backwards from 3, and when I snap my fingers, you are going to be in my office, working with a bunch…

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