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By: Costas Bocelli — May 25, 2017

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On Tuesday, we hosted an exclusive live webcast for our Elite True Market Insiders to discuss an urgent situation.


In fact, the sudden shock within this particular asset class was so extreme that it prompted us to gather the troops to suss out urgent trading ideas.

Joining me on the live webcast was True Market Insider Founder and chief investment officer, Chris Rowe.

There was so much valuable material to present that the webcast ran 30-minutes longer than we expected.

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The opportunities that were discussed on Tuesday had to do with the massive plunge in the Brazilian stock market that occurred exactly one week ago on Thursday, May 18th.

While the U.S. markets were licking its wounds from suffering the worst one-day decline of the year, the 2% decline was miniscule compared to the thrashing the Brazilian stock market endured the following day.

On Thursday, the iShares MSCI Brazil Capped ETF (Symbol: EWZ), one of the most heavily traded securities that tracks the Brazilian stock market, plunged 17% as investors woke up to the news that Brazil’s highest court had opened a criminal investigation into President Michel Temer’s alleged involvement in a bribery scandal.

(Political Scandal rocks Brazilian Stock Market)


If you have been following this drama, you'll recall that former President Dilma Rousseff was removed from office after the Brazilian Senate found her guilty of violating budget laws.  Vice President Temer subsequently assumed the office and was officially sworn in as president in August 2016.


What’s probably caught most investors completely by surprise is that the Brazilian stock market has been one of the most attractive segments within the International Equities asset class.

In fact, after U.S. Domestic Equities, International Equities is the second strongest out of the six major asset classes that we track with respect to the relative strength methodology.

And it’s also been the asset class that’s most improved since the beginning of the year.  Just two weeks ago, we actually discussed how International Equities has been gaining traction with a type of "factor investing" (called "momentum") that’s  been proven to outperform the market benchmark over time.

Further, the Latin America segment within International Equities was also demonstrating very high levels of relative strength.

But after Thursday’s massive selloff, a great deal of technical damage was inflicted within the Latin America segment because of Brazil.

If you refer back to the accompanying chart, you’ll notice the huge spike in volume on the gaping decline.  Those 165 million shares traded were the result of panicked investors trying to flee a burning building.  At times like this, massive fear can translate into massive opportunity.  That's what compelled us to hold an emergency briefing for Elite True Market Insiders.

From our "true market" perspective, the Brazilian chaos essentially resulted in a bevy of babies being thrown out with the bath water.  Meaning that many securities were unfairly punished in the wake of the escalating Brazilian political crisis.

You see, International Equities still remains the second-strongest asset class despite the damage inflicted on the Brazilian stock market.  And that's where the opportunity comes in.

On Tuesday’s live webcast, Chris Rowe identified 12 high-quality exchange traded funds (ETFs) within the International Equities asset class that are demonstrating very high levels of relative strength.  These ideas remain actionable today.

Also on the live webinar, I myself presented three still-actionable ideas that I believe present a great opportunity following Thursday’s selloff in Brazil.  One of the ideas can generate a 100% profit return over the next six-months.

And here’s the thing…

It’s not too late to take advantage of the investment ideas because if you decide to upgrade and become an Elite True Market Insider, you’ll immediately gain access to a recording of the Tuesday’s webinar.

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