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Technical Tuesday - Will You Root For My Baby?

By Chris Rowe January 24, 2023 Facebook Logo Twitter Logo Email Logo LinkedIn Logo


It's kind of you to have clicked and landed here. It warms my heart that you care.  Thanks.

I won't ask you to root for someone you don't know, as you can't genuinely do that.

Instead, I'll ask you to take a moment to understand my 7-year old baby and decide for yourself if you'll root for her.

She has a bright future and has a chance of quietly making the world a better place.  She's no Greta Thunberg but her goal is to give people the power to stand up to big brother and to provide the technology to empower individuals.

It's quite possible you've seen all 4 of my children over the years.  But I'm certain you've seen at least one of them... because you're looking at her... at this very moment.

By babies are Maya (16), Lincoln (13), True Market Insiders (7) and Avalon Invest (8).  Two of them are humans. You're currently visiting with my seven year old, TMI.

Now before you cast judgment for my comparing a company -- something most folks believe is built to make money -- to something as sacred as my actual human children, please consider this...

Any parent who's also built a company in order to follow their dream (as opposed to seeking fortunes) knows that it's similar to raising a child.

If you set out to change the world with your company, you love it enough to sacrifice almost everything for it.

People forget that all a company is a group of people -- a group with a collective brain, heart, soul and a personality.   It even has its infancy stage and its awkward adolescent stage.  That's about where we are, here at True Market Insiders.

We are close to becoming the adult that's capable of fulfilling the dream that I've chased for decades, which is the gift of seeing the financial markets as clearly as I do and having the confidence to use it to grow your wealth on your own.

In  February, I'll formally introduce you to the first iteration of the True Market Insiders platform.

It's not just a website or even simply a company that sells subscriptions to services that help you become a stronger handler of your wealth.  It's the vehicle that I've built to usher in a new way of life for anyone who desires the confidence of knowing how to grow their wealth like a badass.

They manufacture wealth-building badasses on Wall Street, but those folks don't have the time or desire to share the secrets with you.  But even if they had, they wouldn't have the technology to provide you with an experience that could have engrained the skill in your mind.

Here's why I'm asking you to root for True Market Insiders...

A team that I hand picked -- some of the smartest most skilled people I've ever worked with -- spent the last three years building out technology that serves as the foundation for everything we'll morph into over the coming 24 months.

These folks work with a passion.  They share a common interest: They want to give people the power to stand up to big brother.

There's one thing I know, having growing up surrounded by incredibly talented people in Queens NYC.  There's one thing and one thing only missing for most people to receive a complete quality-of-life makeover.  And that is OPPORTUNITY.  Just having that one opportunity changes everything.  Most people are never given a fair chance.

My dream -- no, my mission in life -- has been to create a way for self-directed investors to really and truly turn themselves into strong, savvy players.  And in my humble opinion, that way does not yet exist.

Between TMI and our competitors, there are newsletter services and trading services for "spoon-fed" investing ideas, education to strengthen your understanding and trading data platforms to help scour the markets in minutes.

Great. But it's not enough.

Throughout the three decades I've spent analyzing markets, managing investor portfolios, teaching and business building...

I've also been angrily obsessing over the fact that there's nothing.  There's no real program or solution for someone who's serious about learning a successful approach to the markets.  There has never been a cohesive system that adapts to your comfort levels.

It seems like there are only floating puzzle pieces with no pattern to match and  determine which pieces connect to which.  Self directed investors have always had to chase down each piece of the puzzle. They always had to take the initiative of trial and error, something that can be very expensive when it comes to investing.

I've dedicated my life to figuring out how to give people that fair chance -- that opportunity -- to arm themselves with the same framework that I've learned, over time.

Because it isn't that you have to spend decades learning and applying lessons in practice.  You can realistically gain a satisfactory skillset using the same framework I've known about since the 1990s, and you can master it in about a year.  A month or two to learn it and the remainder mastering it.

I first tried explaining it over the phone to investors early in my career.  Then I tried conveying it in trade alerts and market commentary in the online investment research business I launched in 2004.

In 2006 I expanded my product line to sell investment education, teaching the framework and approach. Then I expanded further by creating different versions of a data platform, specifically geared toward this framework and approach.

I've wanted to do so much more but really getting the combined customized experience right required a platform that was way more robust.

I've always known that if I had the right technology, the right delivery of user experience and the right team... Well, it still wouldn't be enough...

Until now.

Today, in 2023, I believe we have the final ingredient needed for the experience to become a reality.  What's that final ingredient?


Society has reached a point where my dream can finally become reality.

While the typical investor's focus is on finding winning trades, there's another approach that's easier and more realistic that will make it much easier to increase your risk-adjusted returns.  You're not going to believe it when I tell you what it is because it will sound foreign, or too easy, and it just won't fit with what you've been told to believe all your life.

Does that sound familiar?

Technology is a double-edge sword when it comes to truth and B.S.  It seems lately in life, AI technology is being used to tap into our emotions by targeting us with what AI tech learned we desire through our behavioral data.  The result has been either more transparency or more effective B.S.

But that's just the thing.  Nobody has ever taught what's truly the right approach to investing.  It blows my mind but the fact is that, even though it's pretty darn simple, very few people know how to clearly see the financial markets.

The secret to simplicity hasn't been taught because most people don't understand it, and those that do have never had the right platform and technology to convey it.

The secret is clarity.  To have a framework to clearly see what's happening in the financial markets. The truth is, price trends take some time to form and that process is very easy to see when you know what to look for.

And price trends, once they get underway, tend to last a long time.  I'm not only referring to price trends as in "going up" or "going down."  I'm also referring to relative price trends. (For example, the way technology stocks were the leader of the stock market, advancing at a faster pace than the other 10 sectors of the stock market for five straight years (2016-2021).

I want you to use this framework.  In fact, I'd like to build a strong community that ultimately becomes a society of self-directed investors that all use this framework to simply see the financial markets clearly.

I'm going to build you a fun platform that makes it easy for investors of any caliber to clearly see the financial markets within a couple of minutes.  You'll then be able to customize the platform to create an investment portfolio with suitable volatility levels.

Over three decades, I've learned and taught the framework and an approach that's adaptable in all market conditions and customizable to any investors comfort levels.  Even if you have your own approach that works, you can easily layer it on top of my approach.

I'll first narrow down whatever universe of securities you start with to those that statistically have the highest level of probability of working.

A few years ago, we began the process of building out robust technology that you won't really notice when we relaunch our website in February.  The new website isn't the the new technology.  The new technology is the flexibility of the platform that powers the website.

So the new website will be just the beginning stage, but we've been building the foundation of the building for years and the way we've constructed it allows us to create anything we want to with lots of flexibility.

I've always been limited in what I can create for you because the tech that we used had its limitations.  In fact, the way we've built the platform is what any new tech company will build their platforms on.  Older businesses have many years of "legacy code" and processes they'd have to unwind which would be more than a major headache... it would be a threat to their businesses.

So the three main things we have that are key to OUR success (which includes your success) are:

  1. A platform capable of building whatever I want.
  2. Me -- my drive and experience and desire and passion to transfer by abilities to you, using that platform.
  3. You -- the confidence that you have in yourself in your adaptability to new technology and in your adaptability to a new way of thinking about the financial markets.

Oh, and the bonus ingredient:  Your support!

I'm asking you to root for my baby.  Root for us as a firm and the additions we are making to it right now.

For example, as part of my mission to reach the absolute maximum number of people, I recently launched a YouTube channel where I share my knowledge, experience and insights.

Every Tuesday I'm joined by. Editor-in-Chief Bill Spencer and renowned options expert Costas Bocelli. We gather on Tuesday because by then we have Monday's price action in the bag.

Monday is a very telling day for the stock market, and Monday tends to tell you where the market wants to go for the remainder of the week and beyond. (That nugget of info is just one of the many, many things individual investors have been kept in the dark about!)

Here's today's episode of "Tuesday Morning Quarterbacks" for your enjoyment and education.

There's been a multi-year build that ultimately will result in a very customized experience that makes your learning the framework fun, easy and profitable.

I'm also going to announce soon an acquisition, partnership and collaboration with one of the smartest and coolest investment professionals on earth.  I have been waiting for this particular, very loved and very in-demand, financial market personality who's beyond smart and extremely experienced to poke his head up and step back on to the world stage.

He used to have a show on Fox. He has been in movies.  He's got testimonials from Steve Jobs talking about how he was the first investment analyst to truly get the power of the iPhone.  And after learning about what True Market Insiders is now capable of, he was excited to join our team and put the platform to use for his own followers and investors.

I'm beyond excited to make this announcement.

Root for me and my team please.  Continue to support us.  We are doing the right thing and we want to change the world for the better.

We are disgusted that they don't teach wealth management as standard school curriculum every day and every year.  But we aren't surprised.  They don't want us to be too smart.  They want us smart enough to hold a job and pay taxes but not smart enough to build enough wealth to be comfortable and free of need.

We at TMI are here to empower you.  It will be a slow build, but 2023 is the year that TMI evolves into an "adult" capable of changing the world.


Chris Rowe

Founder, True Market Insiders






"You see it in the price before you see it in the news."


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