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By: Chris Rowe — November 15, 2016

Quick Financial Update Video

The Trump victory caught the world off guard.

And a number of folks have written to ask what we can expect the markets to do in the coming weeks.

As regular True Market Insider readers know (because I hammer the point often)…

The best way to tell where the market is heading is to clearly see what’s happening right now.


Moments ago I jumped on a call with Costas Bocelli, and together the two of us took a close look at the market.

We saw number of compelling opportunities.

So you could see them too, I put together a short video of our back-and-forth featuring a recording of the call and some cool charts.

We will be adding these bite-sized presentations from time to time to add color and depth to the articles we write for you.

Today, there’s just the quick video without an accompanying article.

Check it out now. It’ll help you invest safely and profitably.

Chris Rowe


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