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The Most Important Article I'll Ever Send You, Right Here

By Chris Rowe August 31, 2009 Facebook Logo Twitter Logo Email Logo LinkedIn Logo

Dear Tycoons,

This really is what I believe to be the most important article I'll ever send you. 

Today, is a very special day.  Today is the day that many of The Tycoon Report readers are going to remember as the first day of the rest of their lives.  If you jump down this "rabbit hole" with me, no matter who you are, your lifestyle is going to change in a way you never could have imagined.

The voice in my head as I read what I'm typing here sounds so "cheesy.But this is real. I've been living this lifestyle for more than a decade. 

How are we going to change the lifestyle of thousands of our readers? Starting this morning and for the next several weeks, you are invited to join me and several other veterans of the financial markets for a quick, daily audio-cast on the general stock market, on options strategies, and on working with you to make your life a LOT easier. 

(It's easy and doesn't cost you a penny -- just sign up here.)

This is a very special gift we're giving you for FREE.  We'll also be taking and answering some of your options trading questions, and we'll give away a brand-new options education system -- it's called Options GPS, and we're putting the finishing touches on it right now -- absolutely free each week to one Tycoon who submits a question for us to answer "on the air."

Options Can Change Your Life ... The Way They Changed Mine

The Tycoon Report was started back in late 2004, and many readers have been with us for many years.  I've communicated with thousands of you through private e-mails, webinars and conference calls. I've looked into many of your eyes, in person, so I am REALLY feeling in my heart what we are about to bring to your table. 

I've been an options trader for about 13 years, and the investor lifestyle has reopened almost every door that I felt was slammed on me 17 years ago (almost to the day) when I was confined to a wheelchair ... not just because of all the money I've made from using options, but because the lifestyle is practically stress-free. 

Without the right tools, the right producers and the right teachers, it isn't easy to bring the Tycoon readers an education system that you deserve ... one that is is comprehensive enough to work, to improve life for everyone -- from the options novice to the options expert.

But I've done it.

And it all starts with the free daily calls I'm inviting you to on this very day.

Knowledge: It's Our Passion to Pass it Along

A group of people who were obviously super-wealthy and experienced were the people who taught me about stock analysis and about options trading. So, it was very easy to believe -- just by looking at them -- that this kind of life was actually attainable.

Back then, there was no Internet (or it was very uncommon), so there was no trading from your laptop, and no online schooling -- especially not in options. 

But these days, with your computer, Wall Street comes to you. And the greatest minds on Wall Street, as long as you look in the right place, are easy to access. 

You don't have to be a "Wall Street insider" (a term that is thrown around very loosely on the Web these days) to have access to life-changing financial education.

My Story

The skeptics reading this will say this is total sales pitch. But the absolute TRUTH is, right now, I feel like shedding a tear. 

Imagine being confined to a wheelchair -- and using certain knowledge to obtain a certain lifestyle that allows you to knock down all those barriers, and then starting a company that reaches out to thousands of people and helps you to knock down your own personal barriers

Now imagine having that company for five years, leading up to the point where you can FINALLY properly introduce the EASY steps to obtaining the same kind of lifestyle that you found.

I just shed a tear.  No B.S.

Not because of what has happened, but because of what is about to happen

Break Through Your Own Personal Barriers

My barriers are very easy for another person to see and understand.  But a wise man once told me that everyone has their own barriers; they just aren't as visible as mine

I swear, it has been my mission for a long time to bring you the freedom that I've found.  This new daily call -- called Morning GPS -- is FREE. It starts out with general market commentary, then talks about options in a way that anyone can understand.  Visit this link to sign up for your FREE Morning GPS and get access to this daily audio-cast.

For the next few weeks, we will be introducing lots of great information to people who join us, so come join us on the free adventure for the next few weeks.  Don't worry; I won't hog all the air time -- we already have a special guest lined up for Wednesday whom I know you won't want to miss!

A Special Thanks to Those Who Set Me on My Path to Success

Before I wrap this one up, I have to look back at the path that got me here and give special thanks to some people. ...

Thanks to Mark Rosenberg for taking me under your wing when you saw that I was down and convincing me to go to Wall Street, and for showing me how to use options to avoid gray hair. 

Thanks to Jason Jovine for calling me every other day to convince me to come join him on Wall Street, the place to find my dreams. 

Thanks to Dylan Jovine, who helped to arm me with the business mindset and the courage I needed, for guiding me even after he sold his firm that we worked at, and for bringing me the idea (years later) to start Tycoon Publishing with him, as co-founder. 

Big-T (aka, Teeka Tiwari), I can't forget you.  You showed me what it means to have a powerful mind and voice needed to reach those who are in need.  I've learned a ton from you over the years.  

And I want to thank a special surprise options specialist who helped create Options GPS, but I won't blow the surprise here -- you know who you are!

That's my Wall Street clique, but there are other members of my team who were with Tycoon from the beginning behind the scenes who made this possible: Stacy B., Ben Schott, Richard Interlandi and Wayne Mulligan. 

Every other Tycoon team member should be thanked for the thousands of people who are going to look back in just a few years and remember this as the day that changed their lives.  Take a bow everyone -- we're doing it!

And to our Tycoon readers, I can't wait to hear about YOUR success stories as they unfold!