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By: Chris Rowe — January 5, 2009

Special Note on Chris' Videos

 Dear Tycoon,

In March 2008, after the collapse of Bear Sterns, I realized that although the market had declined 15% from it's high, the bleeding had only just begun.  I knew the market was going to bring us a sea of horrific waters that would be tough to navigate on your own.  I knew from experience of working with thousands of investors, that it would be tempting to just ignore what was happening, and attempt to avoid the financial news.   It was for this reason that I decided to start producing weekly videos for you that gave a quick peek at the market's action, and a couple of pointers of how to think about it, and how to handle it.

After that, the market dropped over 45% within 7 months - the worst decline since the Great Depression. 

I hope that I've helped you to make some profits, and more importantly avoid losses.  I am going to suspend the market wrap up videos for now with plans to bring you something much better!  You will see some interesting changes going forward but I won't be posting any new videos until further notice. 

For guidance, be sure to keep reading The Tycoon Report daily, where articles written by me are published every Tuesday.  You can also sign up for my options trading service, The Trend Rider, or the investing/trading education course/system, The Internal Strength system.  You can start with a free options education course by clicking here.

It's been fun.  But I can assure you that the fun is just beginning!

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