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Profit From Fun Education!

By Chris Rowe August 1, 2007 Facebook Logo Twitter Logo Email Logo LinkedIn Logo

Unfortunately, I don't have much to say about the market here that hasn't been said a gazillion times.

Sub-prime issues, Bear Stearns Hedge fund issues, China, currency, options are the best, blah blah blah.

What we strive to do every day in The Tycoon Report is to help you make money, and to educate you (which is more valuable than our actual advice).

So I'll take this time to remind you about a couple of things that can get you PAID.

You probably read this after checking your e-mail and clicking.  But believe it or not, we have a website!  While we are still working to make the site nicer, and cooler (more fun), we have made lots of progress.  We allow you to comment on articles and talk to each other (other readers), and sometimes we (the Tycoon editors) answer your questions.  (I recently answered a VERY important question on VIX options, which you should check out under the article titled "5 profitable trading rules."

We have contests where our readers can submit articles, and soon we'll be giving away cash and other valuable prizes. 

So essentially, you don't even have to have money at risk in the stock market to make money with us. 

Since we recently started doing things like this, your odds of winning things are MUCH greater than they will be in the future as more and more readers use TheTycoonReport website.  Don't get me wrong, because the past winners have, in fact, produced quality articles.  What's great about writing is it actually helps to teach yourself.  I, personally, have learned a lot and sharpened my skills because I'm always writing my thoughts to investors.

Worst case scenario, you'll look around the site and learn and learn and learn.  Investment education will never leave your mind, and you'll use it to make more money for the rest of your life! 

We are ALL EARS, folks, so take this opportunity to make suggestions and comments.  All good things come to an end, and you might not ALWAYS have the opportunity to take advantage of access to the honesty of real Wall Street money managers who want to help!

Furthermore, while the website is still in its infancy stage, we're going to keep adding more features that will GET YOU PAID and help you avoid losses!  The website is free, and thousands of readers have written us thanking us for profits (or for saving them from losses).

So rather than try to force an article today when I really have nothing to say, I'm giving you some real simple money-making advice.  GET IN ON THIS EARLY!  We recognize many of your names.  Other users recognize other names in the Tycoon community.  This won't always be the case, but if you jump into it, I guarantee you that in time, you'll get more value (with ZERO BS) from this financial site than any other on the web. 

Okay, folks.  Smooches.