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By: Chris Rowe — December 31, 2020

How to Destroy the Evil Investment Industry in 2021

.~  Chris Rowe, Founder of True Market insiders

As the True Market Insiders team gets ready to jump into the new year, I've spent some of my New Year's Eve drafting suggestions on how to make yourself an ultra-strong investor in 2021.

But first, I am not quite sure how to share this with you...

It's an idea that I feel is both personal and passionate, that's been on my mind lately.

The True Market Insiders team and I have got a good thing going here.

Something that pays us off in ways that go far beyond just earning a living from a business that we love.

This passionate energy isn't easily put into words.  And that's okay...

Because I'd rather share this feeling with you.

And believe me, the heavy dopamine hit we've been getting here is so much better than money.  And I want to share the feeling of this dopamine hit with you, over the next 12-months.

My only regret is we are a relatively small firm, which means there's only a small handful of True Market Insiders members, to share this passion with.

But that's kind of cool too, wouldn't you say?

It's like being one of the lucky few who got to see iconic comedians like Richard Pryor or Steve Martin, play in a small, dingy, smoke-filled comedy club (before they became world-famous).

Or being one of the few who got to see The Beatles play the Cavern Club.

That would be "a gift that kept on giving" because of the dopamine hit you'd get every time you relive (and brag to friends and family about) the experience.


Fire-Filled Bellies 

The insane and unprecedented advances in communication-technology over the last two decades has led us to something remarkable.  We find ourselves experiencing an unexpected new level of transparency and accountability that few of us ever expected to see.

In short, technology has in many cases made the world a place that's more fair.

The transparency that technology has created led to us through revolutionary events that have been breaking down walls.  The walls of silence. The walls of power.  The walls in government accountability.

Amazingly, in spite of the leaps we've made, society still has not put a significant dent in one remaining wall.

You know the one I mean... the wall between Wall Street and Main Street.

Little has changed...

The same old hungry wolves wear the clothing of a different type of sheep, but it's still the same old thing.

The wall of intimidation that causes individual investors to feel, "I can't do this so I'm not even going to try" still stands.  Hell, it might be higher and stronger than ever.

I've gotta tell ya, this angers me.  And now more than ever, it fuels a furious personal vendetta against "the establishment".

And I can feel myself and my team quickly powering up, energized and focused, ready to unleash this fury on the enemy and the enemies fortress.

This energy is taking the form of solutions.  Solutions for people like you.

My hope is that many from the relatively "small group" I'm writing this to will feed off the "fire in the belly" of the True Market Insiders team.

Believe me, it's not just that I'm biased.  I wish I could sit here, smirking, and wisely saying: "I've seen this type of pent up power before.   And this is the team that can finally champion the independent investor... and spearhead the historic "Independent Investor Revolution" once and for all.

But although I've known and even built teams who've fought hard to accomplish things once thought impossible...

And while I've seen some bad-ass teams move mountains ONLY because of extraordinary passion and love for the job...

I've never felt the kind of energy and determination that I can see budding up right here, at True Market Insiders... right now.

In case I'm not being clear...

Consider recent developments that have altered how our society behaves.

Things like the "Me Too Movement".

Or the movement to hold accountable the few power-abusing bad apples on the police force.

The uprising of the "Arab Spring".

Or all of the practically unbelievable truths that Wikileaks has shown us, concerning the unthinkable violations of privacy committed by various government agencies that say they're protecting us.

I'm sure you can think of many more ways that advances in technology enabled a level of transparency that's changing the world -- as always, in that messy "breaking some eggs to make an omelette" sort of way.

But even after repeated violations -- I mean "spitting straight in our faces" type of violations -- committed by the top-dogs on Wall Street sent the entire financial world into a tailspin we're still recovering from today -- that giant blank wall of intimidation still stands.  And without so much as a single fleck of stone chipped out of that wall.

Um, Chris, Please be more specific.  Which face-spitting are you referring to?

Want to know just how bad it is? Read that paragraph again.

You probably don't even know if I'm talking about 2008, or about what's happening right now, which DWARFS what they did in 2008, in terms of using "stimulus" (a.k.a. "wealth transfer") to loot our and our children's' economic future.

How far do we need them to push us before we either explode or put our heads together and make changes that break that wall down?

Wikileaks showed us where a lot of that 2008 printed bailout money went.

Then the NSA showed us that they basically wired the entire world -- public and private businesses we're all forced to use -- to peer into anything and everything they want to.

And just as today's future-looting shenanigans dwarfs that of the 2008 financial crisis, there's so much more in the way of privacy violations coming in the future that it will make the NSA privacy violations, leaked in 2013, look like good times.

I don't think we can stop that.

So get ready for "social credit scores" and facial recognition everywhere, like they have in China.  What do you think Facebook is?  Remember when that stoner friend, back in the day, said "dude, one day the government will plant a chip in our head and read our thoughts"?  Yeah that's what we call "your smart-phone".

I digress.

Let's focus on one revolution at a time.

The Independent Investor Revolution that my team is championing with energy that can move mountains.

Whenever "underdog societies" rebelled, and ultimately reclaimed their freedom and their birthright, changing everything... it was always done with a lot of sacrifice and a lot of bloodshed.

And the one absolutely indispensable and necessary ingredient for those victories and transformations to occur... the thing you cannot do without...

I have a group of ultra-passionate people ready to leap up and shout "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"

And yet passion by itself isn't enough.

To start, we must have a group of people who are able to see through the bulls**t and clearly understand what the situation actually is.

True Market Insiders has assembled that type of a team.

After working in many areas in world of money management, having worked on Wall Street since age 17, I've clearly seen what's been going on for a very long time:  The establishment wants you to feel powerless and intimidated.

This is a fact.

And they've succeeded to the 1 millionth power.  That's what I call "a mountain".

Think about the level of intimidation and skepticism that you feel about the pro-investing industry.

Even when you happen to find people who you believe in, like us...

Even when you investigate and learn that we are the real deal and that we provide education, guidance and tools that actually work really well...

I'll bet you STILL either invest only some small fraction of your liquid net worth (letting the lions share be managed by a money manager)...

Or else you've only got a few bucks to your name anyway so your stance is "What the heck, I'll invest it all into one or two trades.  Let's take a shot because I haven't much to lose anyway".

But ask yourself... Why wouldn't you feel confident enough to put your real money into those one or two trades?

The intimidation factor that the professional investment community has created, in collusion with the financial media, is more powerful than we can understand or even want to believe.

That area in downtown Manhattan, across the street from the New York Stock Exchange, where I used to live as well as work... is aptly named Wall Street.

In the 17th century, the Dutch settlers at the southernmost part of the island, erected a defensive wall to help keep out the British and pirates.

Well, today the wall is a wall of intimidation.

And before taking any steps toward breaking down that wall of intimidation, people need to know that it can happen.

People need to feel empowered.

I'm not asking you to join me in finding the solution as my team and I have already found it.  And we've been building it.

And this year, we will be launching it.

This is not a sales letter.  This is not a "pitch".

What I'm telling you today is I want to share with you, this daily dopamine hit - Knowing that I've assembled a powerful force that will bring the establishment their day of reckoning.

My team has enough passion as well as friendly-anger in our bellies to tear down the wall and make it so you have nothing to fear in the investment world.

This is a place for you to grow your wealth - not a place to be sheered like a sheep. You're not someone to be "fattened up for the kill" once every decade.


We'll make it so you're capable of fending for yourself in a very simplified way, in the financial markets.

All we need YOU to do is make yourself ready to receive this capability.

I invite to you to feed off our passion.  I don't expect that you'll be as excited as we are about it.

Even the most passionate Richard Pryor fan, watching him perform live, didn't have as much dopamine flooding his brain as the legendary comedian himself did, while performing on stage and wallowing in that laughter.

But you're in our club, and I want you to watch us perform.  2021 is "year-1" for us.

We launched this firm from the "idea on a napkin" stage in April 2015.  And everything we've done up to this point has been to prepare for what we are about to embark on in 2021.

You're going to witness, first hand, how a bunch of fire-bellied soldiers manage to finally level the playing field to the point where investment advisors are almost laughed at.

I mean "laughed at", in the way a taxi service would be laughed at today if, they ask you to wait 90 minutes for your cab to arrive - when you can just have an Uber show up in 2 minutes.


The only thing I need you to do is accept one simplest task.

The first step in changing your life -- and you can take it as we take that step into 2021, together -- is to accept the concept of the framework that we use to clearly see the financial markets.

"SEEING" it can mean just understanding your own investment account better.  Or it can mean seeing it in a way that gives you the power to analyze and invest in markets.

With the framework we'll give you, you can start the journey with us, feed off our passion, borrow our dopamine rush and take control of your financial future all in one shot.


The Framework:

It's simple.

Everyone skips over the framework and tries to venture out into the investment world and start thinking about economics, competitive analysis, predicting macroeconomic or political outcomes... it's insane.

What you need to do first is use a framework so that you can slot the information into a few places in an organized way.

To enjoy the dopamine rush that we'll enjoy for the rest of our lives...

The type of dopamine rush you'd feel from kicking a school-yard bully right square in the nuts...

To participate in this "Independent Investor Revolution" starting in 2021...

You must use this framework to view the financial markets:

Does that seem complex to you?

That's the key to your financial future right there.  So first ask yourself if you think you can handle that.

Within each the 6 main groups are a different number of sub-groups.

Once you've gotten to know the groups, you don't need to do any fundamental analysis.  You don't need to learn the histories of company management.  You don't need to learn about fracking or which biotechnology will crack the code for the next billion dollar drug.

All you have to do, to get very wealthy, is to know which groups are strong and which groups are weak, in the long-term.

And you're done!

There are several additional layers that you can add to increase the probability of success and increase the size of the gains but you don't need to learn them. You can just stop there and enjoy your life!

If you want, we'll help you learn about the additional layers. We've been building a platform called Sector Edge and you'll see us roll it out in 2021.  This tool will help you achieve everything you need to, in order to be a successful investor.

So the 6 groups are the 6 major asset classes.  The strength of those asset classes rarely changes.  So once you identify what they are (just read what we are always saying), you'll know where to focus your investment capital.

The strongest asset class is U.S. stocks.  The second strongest is International Stocks. The third is commodities.  4,5 & 6 - who cares.

The strongest of the 11 major sectors that make up U.S. stocks in order of strength are Technology, Consumer Cyclical, Industrials and Healthcare.

The strongest of the 6 sectors that make up International Stocks are Asia (developed) and Europe (developed).

The strongest of the 4 sectors that make up Commodities are Industrial Metals and Energy.

Don't just take the golden egg here.  Take the goose that lays the eggs!

Take the FRAMEWORK away from this.

You'll be able to apply that thinking to everything we report to you in our e-letters, our trading services, our data platform and everything we launch in 2021.

I have more than enough to never work again.  I don't give a crap about money.  I am at the point where I want to make the world a better place.

And at True Market Insiders, I've hired 25 people who are care.  There are many firms in this business who are filled with people who want to make money by any means necessary.  I look at them and shake my head like an ex-addict would look at someone who just found heroin and is strung out making an ass of themself.

Who are these new-money children, too high on their "success" to see straight?

These are not successful people.  These are people who figured out how to get your money into their bank accounts.

My team is full of love and their smart.  We care about you.

I'm not asking you to buy anything here.

Just promise me you'll use the framework I've just given you and if you want us to provide you with more layers of probability, we are open for business.

For example, in addition to breaking the U.S. stock market into 11 major sectors (like Tech or Healthcare), we break it down into further detail by dividing the stock market into 41 sectors.

So instead of Tech or Financials, we look at Internet stocks, Semiconductors stocks, Software stocks and Computer stocks...or Bank stocks, Wall Street stocks, Insurance stocks, S&L stocks, Finance stocks.

It's just one of the layers we'll teach you how to apply.

Or, once you've used that framework to identify WHERE to invest your money, you can use our breadth indicators to tell you WHEN the best time is to do so.

I won't go any further.

Go into 2021 saying "I'm going to ride this dopamine wave, I'm going to participate with True Market Insiders as they champion this investment-world revolution, I'm going to use this investment framework for viewing, managing and analyzing my account and the financial markets.

My 11-year old son does it.  I swear.

And I'll bet my dollars to your doughnuts that his investing track record has been better than yours over the last 5-years.

He chose to put all his money into the strongest major sector with XLK, the Technology ETF, at the end of 2014... when he was 5.

More importantly, he chose, every single quarter, to not change the investment because of its strength, relative to the other major sectors.  If he can do it, you can do it. And I know you WILL do it.

It's never too late to start.  Don't be left behind with the dinosaurs.

If you start with this simple framework, then everything else that we bring you in 2021 can be very clear and organized and put in the right slot.

Keep a look-out for Sector Edge, coming in 2021.

Happy New Year.

Let's enjoy this dopamine together.

Chris Rowe

Founder, True Market Insiders

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