BREAKING: Shocking Video Reveals The Near-Perfect Trading Strategy


By: Chris Rowe — October 29, 2019

Institutions Are Buying These Sectors. But which ones will gain the most?

Where the heck is the October bloodbath people were talking about?


Investors who focus on stock market seasonality know that October is notorious for being a month that sends prices lower.

Those who pay close attention know that it's actually a month known for major market bottoms.  That means some investors stash some cash on the sidelines hoping to scoop up shares of their favorite stocks on the cheap.

Unfortunately for these investors, the market hasn't sold off.  In fact, it's slowly gotten stronger.

You see, those who focus on seasonality sometimes forget to also focus on cycles.  And there's a very potent 4-year presidential election cycle that we've been discussing with our readers since Trump got elected.

Last year we helped a couple hundred thousand people avoid the bloodbath in October, and even take bearish positions to profit from it.  Last year was a mid-term election year, which is notorious for being the weakest of the 4-year cycle.

This year is a pre-election years, known for being - BY FAR - the strongest year of the 4-year cycle.  But what about next year?

Chris Rowe just sent you an update saying a major stechnical breakout has just launched in stock market.   There a good chance the market gains at least 10.5% in the next 5 months.

Here's a short video Chris Rowe just recorded with a sneak peak at his data program, that reveals which sub-sectors now have demand in control.

You can pause the video to look at the sector that applies to your stock account.



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