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By: Bill Spencer — October 26, 2019

Small-Cap Saturday - This "Mystery Machine" Could Make You a Fortune

Good morning Friends...


Big Bill here, back from Los Angeles where I sent the better part of a week at the Mobile World Congress 2019, hunting down the best technology stocks for you.

Take a look at what greeted me as I stepped onto the giant South Hall of the conference center:


For now just know that what you're looking at there is...  a single piece of equipment.

All around me I could hear people referring to as "The Colosseum".


As I was staring in awe at this behemoth, I was pulled aside by a gentleman in a white shirt with 'DARPA' on his official badge.

(DARPA stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.  This agency has spurred research that gave the world the internet and GPS, among other transformative technologies.)

One of the insiders, he explained to me that the Colosseum is a massive "radio channel emulator" that researchers can log into from anywhere over the internet.

The U.S. government trucked it from its home in Maryland and re-built it piece-by-piece and wire-by-wire at the conference.


He handed me an invitation to an event taking place the following day in a giant auditorium just off the great South Hall.

Of course I wasn't going to turn down an opportunity to see this thing in action.

And after getting a “sneak peek” at what was to come… I headed back over a few minutes before 2:20PM the following day so I could see the Colosseum in action through the eyes of a “spectator”.

The lights went down.  Music swelled...

And who should walk onto the stage but Grant Imahara, the former host of the hit Discovery series MythBusters.

He was there as Master of ceremonies for the championship round of a competition called "Spectrum Collaboration Challenge 2" or SC2... where 10 teams of geniuses would vie to claim a $2 million prize.

This competition was set up by DARPA as a way to find the best and most efficient way to use Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to share the airwaves among an exploding number of 5G devices.

That sounds a bit dry, I know.  But every one of the DARPA representatives I spoke with assures me that spectrum sharing is THE TECHNOLOGY that will change life as we all know it and will affect everything with a heartbeat.

Most important for you and I, it will make the biggest difference as the 5G revolution gathers steam and grows (by 2025) into a $1 trillion+ industry.

I have to say… the competition was riveting.

I'm a born technophile, so even though I felt like a bit of  "geek" I couldn't stop myself from cheering when one of the teams pulled ahead... or pulled off a brilliant technological move.

(If you'll permit me to keep you in suspense for a moment, I'll share the name of the winning team down below.)

The Spectrum Challenge was one of dozens of amazing things I saw in L.A. last week.

After all, the Mobile World Congress brings together more than 22,000 attendees from 110 countries — including more than 2,500 CEOs.

I met with more than three dozen of the most important founders, CEOs, CTOs  and investors in the $5 trillion (and growing!) tech market.

I'll be in New York for one more day before heading back to Florida to finish out a month-long tour of technology conferences and other investing events.

And in case you missed any of my exclusive conference dispatches this past week, I'll list them here.

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I do recommend you read those posts.  They'll introduce you to cutting-edge technology you never knew existed -- such as how to use your smart phone to make your home smell great...

... or how virtual reality is being applied to fighting wildfires in California.

Of course, it wasn't "all work and no play" in L.A. (heaven forbid)...  I managed to sneak in some rest and relaxation after hours.

The CEO of a company that's building state-of-the art 5G "repeaters" collared me after the competition and insisted we stop off for drinks at the Hill Street Bar and Restaurant in the heart of L.A.'s Jewelry District.


CEOs and fund managers are people too.  So a lot of what I learn from my contacts is told to me over dinner... or coming out of a concert or a ball game.

What I discovered this time over drinks is: there are three other technological developments that people seem to be trying to keep under their hats.

The first involves using two radical technologies to change air travel forever.

The second is using 5G and mobile devices to create a whole new culture of spending money and consuming goods and services.  I don't have space here to flesh out the entire idea, but you can think of what's coming as the "Uber-ization of everything".

And the third is a shocking breakthrough in energy production that could put traditional utilities out of business.

Like I said, people are discussing these things in hushed tones (something which always gets my attention).

So I've made a decision...

I'm pulling all of my research assistants off their current projects so they can dive deeply into these developments.  I'm very excited about all three of them, but I have to learn more and talk to a lot more people before I start lining up actionable investments in any of them.

But believe me, those investing ideas are coming -- and I'll keep you up to date.

As an investor and trader, you live in very exciting times.  Because new technologies are spawning new multi-billion dollar markets and opportunities faster than the speed of light.

Don’t believe me?

During my flight back to LaGuardia I read an entire magazine dedicated to putting 5G wireless onto luxury yachts!


And I'm doing my utmost to find you the kinds of opportunities that could put you into one of those pleasure boats -- soon.

OK... enough suspense...

The winning team called itself "Team GatorWings", and it was made up of students and faculty members from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Florida -- two professors, two Ph.D. students, and two undergraduate researchers.

I lived in the Sunshine State for three years after joining Chris Rowe and the True Market Insiders family.  So to say I was proud to see my adopted state take home the $2 million bounty is an understatement.

And that said...

It's good to be back in old New York!

Talk to you soon,

Big Bill





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