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By: Bill Spencer — October 24, 2019

Meet the Nvidia Partner Working Toward Driverless Cars

Hey everyone...


Big Bill Spencer here, checking in as promised from the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Los Angeles, CA.

Yesterday I talked briefly about my visit with Ericsson (ERIC).  I described how a young man named Brendan played guitar while his drummer-bandmate played along from a completely different part of the enormous conference hall.  I told you that...

Ericsson's 5G technology has an incredibly low "latency".  That means there's virtually no delay when transmitting the drummer's "signal" wirelessly from far away.

Well, I got about 70 emails asking for a video.  So here you go.

(Click lower left arrow to watch video)


You can see the drummer at the top of the Ericsson pavilion.  His performance is being sent over 5G wireless.

Yuhel, an Ericsson technician, couldn't say for sure how far away the drummer was, but he did tell me that, because of technical limitations, musicians who play together over 5G have to be "in the same city".  Amazing!

Just a few feet away, tech giant Nvidia (NVDA) -- famous for its state-of-the-art Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) -- has a giant pavilion featuring new ways that 5G and A.I. are transforming everything from shipping to your corner supermarket.

(Some members of Chris Rowe's Premium trading service, CheckPoint Trader, know that NVDA was a core holding, and that the position gained as much as 183%.)

The company had set up a bank of computers where they were offering a FREE 8-hour training program for developers and other "techies" interested in working in the explosive fields of A.I. and Computer Vision (among others).

MarjutAnd Me

Next to me is Marjut from Nvidia's own "Deep Learning Institute" where "Developers, data scientists, researchers, and students can get practical experience powered by GPUs in the cloud and earn a certificate of competency to support professional growth".

It's a measure of how mainstream a once-exotic field like A.I. has become that a $117 billion company would set up a virtual school to train people in how to use and develop its products.

For additional confirmation that things like A.I. and 5G are mainstream, look at what the U.S. Defense Department's DARPA program is up to.


DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) funds projects (and design competitions) that have helped create things such as the internet and GPS.

Here In a photo taken Tuesday) I'm standing in front of a trailer-sized, A.I.-controlled "radio emulator" built to find the best solution to the #1 challenge facing 5G right now -- the need to use the "radio spectrum" more efficiently.

DARPA shipped that behemoth, called "Colosseum", from Washington and re-assembled it on the floor of the giant South Hall of the L.A. conference center.  The fellow next to me is Tommaso Melodia, a professor from Northeastern University, a collaborator in the project.

I also got to talk at length with a man named Yaron Ekshtein, who is a "solution architect" for a company called Iguazio.


Iguazio worked with Google supporting their "cloud" operations, and with Amazon refining their predictive web services algorithms.  Predictive algorithms are what let Amazon is able to send you a notice saying, "People who bought [whatever you just bought] ALSO bought..." and showing you 3 -- 5 similar products.

The company has been a Nvidia partner for two years now, to become a leader in the machine learning and A.I. space.

"You need the computational power of the GPU in order to do prediction or machine learning prediction at scale in real time.  The only solution you have today is Nvidia".

The company is also creating predictive software for driverless cars.  ("There's no question driverless cars are coming," he told me.)

"How many applications are there for machine learning?" I asked.  Yaron laughed.  "We are just at the beginning of exploration of what's about to become the next revolution.

"All that we've seen up to now is just the tip of the iceberg.  Predicting what you're going to buy is one thing.  Having the car drive by itself?   That's kind of another thing.

"Also, things like payments... Fraud detection and prevention... those are all customers we have that we're working with right now.  Pretty much every [kind of] company.  Insurance companies... Machine learning is perfect for that.

"Microsoft is one of our partners.  We're running on their Edge platform.

I asked Yaron if  any public companies had made overtures to acquire his firm.  "We are in multiple discussions with a number of public companies".

Finally, I asked "What's coming in 2020 for Iguazio?  Any first quarter or first half milestones you're looking forward to?"

"There's a few very interesting partnerships that are going to come out," he said with a smile.

"We talked about cloud providers... we talked about hardware providers.  You can think about them and draw your own conclusions."

Ok.  Now I'm on a mission to track down who Yaron was referring to here!

Let me hit the phones and get back to you when I know more about the savvy company looking to scoop up a machine learning leader that's plugged into everything from insurance to driverless cars.

And speaking of public companies, this afternoon I literally bumped into the Vice President of Investor Relations for a software company I've been following for a few months now.

This 35-year-old small-cap firm provides mobile applications and other technology covered by more than 20 patents, and they're at the vanguard of the mobile and digital revolution.

Their stock is up an whopping 289% since the market bottomed last December -- and I see it climbing an additional 150%.

The company reports earnings after the close today, plus I want to talk to more people before I make a formal recommendation, and I promise to keep you in the heart of the loop in the coming days and weeks.

Thanks as always for reading.

Talk to you tomorrow!



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