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“On Wall Street, I saw first-hand how the odds are stacked against regular investors. I started True Market Insiders to give individual investors a way to shift those odds back onto their side.”

– Chris Rowe

"I want to thank you for all the great advice you have given me over the years. My wife and I have retired comfortably, travel and enjoy life. Thank you for the great advice over the years."

– John W.

"Thank you so much! I have made a 112% return on LRCX and 3 other trades since signing up your program 2 months ago."

– Pauline

"You have changed my investment career and for the better! Thank you."

– Bruce C.

"I love this service. I have made more money in a shorter time than I thought possible. I have made $79,600. year to date."

– Jay W.

"I am up year to date $25,000."

– Ken K.

"I signed up hoping to retire early - I’ve got a family I want to spend time with. I would have lost $1,300 on my positions. Because of what I learned through Chris, those add up to over $4,000."

– Joe C.

"I have been following Chris for a long time... and I have made enough to fund my retirement."

– Faiez A.

"[Chris Rowe helped me] by keeping me safe, which provides confidence. I own three stocks which are less than 4 months ‘old,’ and the gains are 29%, 34% and 62% Sector Prophets Pro is like wearing night vision googles!"

– Robin J.

"Chris did a great job teaching me all about the 'real' market. I have doubled my 401k holdings in 5 years. I couldn't have done it without Chris."

– John S.

"I placed 2 separate trades yesterday - I am ahead $1,400 plus as of this afternoon… Let me tell you it is really hard not to cash these in - but I paid for your advice and plan on listening..."

– Sue J.

"I am a small investor/trader with with what used to be a portfolio of just over $20,000. It is now over $33,000. I have been playing the market since the 1980's and you are the best."

– Bez

"Chris is in his element. He has called this market perfectly. And he’s applied his trademark strategy like a master. I’ve been here since 2006 and I’ve not seen anything like it!"

– Yozhei N.

"[Chris Rowe] has made me a packet of money and CPT is simply his latest and greatest. His strategy is without a doubt something every serious investor/trader should have in their trading arsenal."

– Gerry G.