How to Understand This Market Dispute

It's probably the longest running dispute in modern market history -- Fundamental Analysis vs. Technical Analysis. The Fundamentalist focuses on (what he or she believes to be ) the cause of a market movement.  The Technician focuses on the effect. Fundamental analysis involves…

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Technical Tuesday: Is this breakout real?

So which is it, Bloomberg? Are stocks bullish or bearish? Today's article is a bit longer than usual so I made a quick video and transcribed it as the article, below. Hi, this is Chris Rowe with True Market insiders.…

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How Human Psychology Creates Resistance and Support

In our previous conversation, we took a "bird's eye view" of Support and Resistance areas on a historical EMC stock chart. We saw that, "when support or resistance levels  are created, it’s because one of the two forces of supply or…

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How to Get Paid Like Billionaire Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is considered to be the greatest investor of all time. He also happens to be one of the wealthiest people in the world. His company, Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A/BRK.B), is one of the best performing stocks in the history of…

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Your "True View" of the Market Starts Here

The "True Market" style of investing rests on two strong pillars -- market "internals" (also known as market "breadth") and "relative strength". Understanding breadth alone will significantly clarify the market for you.  And to comprehend the importance breadth indicators hold,…

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How to Get YOU Paid During a Market Correction

May was a brutal month for investors. All the major stock averages were down sharply including the S&P 500 which declined -6.6%, marking the worst performance for the month of May in nine years! The “true market” hasn’t fared any…

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Stock Market Cycles and Seasonality

Imagine, one day, you wake up with amnesia in a house with no windows, and the thermostat at 76° F. You have to try to predict what the weather will be like tomorrow and all that you know is your…

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How to Take A "Bird's Eye View" of Support and Resistance

When we broke off last week's discussion on Support and Resistance... ... we were just about to zoom out so we could look at our chart from a longer-term perspective. Think of it as a "bird's eye view" of support and resistance.…

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Here’s One Easy Trade For a Worry Free Summer

Now that Memorial Day has arrived, it’s the unofficial start to summer. For most of us, that means wanting to spend more time having fun and less time worrying about our financial investments. It might seem easier said than done considering…

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