These Tools Let You "Trade With the Trend"

Today, let's talk about every technical trader's "bread and butter".  I mean: Moving Averages (MAs). Moving averages are lines plotted on a chart that smooth out data and make it easy to spot trends. Smoothing the data is helpful because it…

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How to make 751% on Big Bill's trade

Thank you Xi Jinping and Donald Trump for knocking the market back down. Over the last few days the stock market dropped 6% from head to toes due to trade wars escalating between the U.S. and China.  But these types…

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Read before Monday's open - I have a double!

I usually don't write to you over the weekend but this is something you'll want to know before the market opens Monday Morning... I have this trading service I've told you about that's had 22 winning trades and 3 losing…

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Small-Cap Saturday - Why This Will Be "Small-Cap Summer"

Hi everybody... Thanks for joining me for Small-Cap Saturday. If you're one of the few hundred folks who've written in recently -- thanks for that as well. It's great to know there are so many fans of small-cap stocks out there.  And I…

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Is the Breakout in the Semiconductors the Real Deal?

Could you live without your smartphone? Ask my 12 year old son and he'd say it would be the end of him. I know he’s being a bit dramatic.  But the reality is he and the rest of the world are addicted…

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This Stock Probably Triples

Hello and happy Friday! Today, you'll hear about one stock that has the potential to triple in price in the next 12 months. It's one of today's top 10 biggest percentage gainers on the Nasdaq. You may want to consider…

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Will an Earnings Recession Kill the Bull Market?

It’s that time again… The start to second quarter earnings season is underway. The "big money" banks set the pace with many exceeding analyst’s expectations, including JPMorgan Chase (JPM), Wells Fargo (WFC) and Goldman Sachs (GS). (Click any image to…

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