Will This Be History's Biggest "Catch Up Trade"?

I'll cut straight to the chase… You've just been handed a massive opportunity. If that sounds like music to your ears, read on. In last week’s article, we mentioned that the October stock market correction created an excessively oversold condition. So much…

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"Ricochet Profits" in this New Bull Market

Tired of the mid-term arguing? Even Lincoln, my 9-year-old son... and Maya, my 12-year-old daughter have had enough of it at school! I'm proud that they even have a clue about it because I didn't, at their age. Social Media Drama…

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Is It Time To Be "That Guy?"

Over the years, I’ve communicated with thousands of individual and professional investors. And "tied for first" on the list of mistakes is: an unwillingness to change one's stance on the financial markets. Don't get me wrong.  "Sticking to your guns"…

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The Last Time This Happened the Market Soared

Halloween might last just a single day, but investors have been spooked all month long!  In fact, despite a late month-end rally, October turned out to be one of the scariest months in more than a decade. In all, $8 trillion dollars…

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*** I sent this out the night of Wednesday, October 24th. Hello Friends, I put this video together for you in my kitchen, in my T-shirt. I hope you like it. Keep in mind that we have been talking about…

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Here’s Your Survival Guide for the Next Few Weeks

There’s no sugarcoating it -- U.S. Equities are down in the dumps. In fact, in last week’s article we said that the stock market’s second correction of the year began in earnest earlier this month. And for sure, October has been downright gloomy…

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Here’s What Could Save the Bull Market

Welcome to the second stock market correction of 2018! That was the opening line in a commentary I wrote to our Sector Prophet’s subscribers earlier this week. But the news was hardly shocking… You see, Sector Prophets, our data analytics…

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Retirement Savings? Just Do It!

Are you on pace to a million dollar retirement? If you answered no, then you’re not alone. Saving for retirement always tops the list of goals investors have. Today we're going to look at how you can not only "jump…

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4 Ways to Earn Instant Options Profits

Dear Any and All Green Traders Reading This Article... STOP LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE EVERY SINGLE MONTH! If you showed me your portfolio full of liquid stocks, I would probably be able to have a check sent to your…

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