3 Rules to Keep You Profitable

Once you establish a trading philosophy and a trading system, there are a few rules you absolutely must live by: Don't overleverage... Don't overconcentrate... Admit when you don't know (and never trade until you do). Following these rules (any rules) is much harder than…

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Where is the Santa Claus Rally?

According to the Stock Trader’s Almanac, the strongest part of the investing calendar occurs during the months November through April. Well "Bah, humbug!" to that… …because ever since the calendar flipped to November, investors have seen one bumpy sleigh ride. Sure,…

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Make the Hotshots Do Your Research For You

Many people believe they are good at picking stocks based on fundamentals. In reality, they only reason they even know about those stocks is because the fundamental play has already been made (thus affecting the stock price to the point that people started…

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More "Intel" About This Market's Next Move

Is the bull market over or are we going through a long-overdue digestion of a parabolic price advance? Here's this week's market analysis: When it seems that everyone is predicting the same thing, such as "we are going into a…

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How I Avoid Two Bullet-Holes in My Head

Every year I struggle with a life threatening thought. I want to say things to you, in my articles, that could put me in danger. I want to tell you about how the market is pushed lower, to scare you…

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Here's Why the Financial Media Will Ruin You

When the stock market is getting spanked, as it has been lately, emotions run high... and the filthy dirty media capitalizes on it, at your expense. I don't know about you but I find it utterly offensive. I'm writing to…

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Can This ONE Stock Rescue the Bulls?

A garden variety correction… That’s the consensus view among Wall Street strategists regarding the selloff that began in early October. And they could be correct.  But, call it what you will, it doesn't change the fact that, during times of market…

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The 3 Key Money-Making Ingredients

The stock market just bounced off of a major market low. People are wondering if there will be another leg lower, or if that was it. Considering the way the stock market has been pounded into the ground lately, I…

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