How to Use Options to Get Paid Right Now..

THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN! Happy Belated Labor Day folks! This is usually the time of year when we put on our seatbelts, because some of the big traders who had been on summer vacation are getting back into…

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Technical Analysis Vs. Fundamental Analysis

When we analyze a company, we use fundamental analysis. When we analyze a stock, we use technical analysis. A “trader,” is more likely to use technical analysis because it is known to more accurately assist in predicting the short term…

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Why You Should Consider Selling Calls on Nike Right Now

I'm sitting in my Miami Beach office looking out of my window at some plastic furniture being thrown around because we are getting hit with the outskirts of Hurricane Rita as we speak. The palm trees are bending over and…

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The biggest myth about options expiring worthless.

WOW! Since we launched The Trend Rider last week, I've been getting tons of email. A lot of it centers around the fact that I haven't had a losing trade in a year. Some people straight up don't believe it,…

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Own Google? Sell Covered Calls - Collect free money!

For those of you that have signed up as members of my new trading service "The Trend Rider", you have probably heard me talk about Google's failed attempt to break it's resistance around $319. I haven't had the... um, guts,…

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Should You Short that Stock or Buy the Put?

In markets like this I speak to professional traders, stock brokers,hedge fund managers and individual investors.  It amazes me howmany of them still seem to have the same problem: finding it difficultto go negative on the market.  Not because they…

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Risk Less, Profit Big.

Most people think that big percentage profits come with big risk. If you are an options trader, you know how to reduce the power of the market, and therefore reduce your risk. “Reducing risk” doesn’t necessarily mean “taking away from…

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