Small-Cap Saturday - Let's Bank ANOTHER 20% on This A.I. Leader

Hi everybody.  Welcome to another Small-Cap Saturday. Today's briefing will be briefer than normal, for a very good reason. I'm currently on a multi-city tour of technology conferences.  (In fact, I began writing this column from a Hospitality Room at the "Future…

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How to Wring Double-Digit Gains From This Volatile Market

If there’s one word to describe current market conditions, it’s volatile. Since the calendar flipped to October, the month has certainly lived up its infamous reputation. We’ve seen all the major stock market averages move in excess of 1% in…

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Nip Volatility in the Bud with 1 Simple Move

Mr. Market just delivered a stern reminder to investors that October deserves its infamous reputation for volatility. And he wasted little time; the warning arrived on the very first trading day of the month. On Tuesday, October 1st, all three major stock indices…

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3 Simple Rules to Stay Profitable AND Safe

Buying puts is similar to "shorting" a stock (which is betting on the stock trading lower by selling it first, and buying it back at a cheaper price).  Instead of shorting the stock directly, you are purchasing an option "contract"…

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